Duolingo Speaking Practice

Let's use some of that Duolingo language you've been learning!

  • Use that passive Duolingo vocabulary 
  • Different interesting topics connected to Duolingo English Test
  • Small groups to allow everyone to speak
  • Learners of English from different cities/countries
the big free online english speaking club

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How can you use Duolingo to speak?

You've downloaded Duolingo and you've been using it for ages to build on your English knowledge and vocabulary, but you have no chance to SPEAK. You want to put all that hard-work into practice. You already have Duolingo installed on your phone, now you should download Zoom. Why? Because that's the program we use for our online English speaking clubs and you are welcome to join us... for FREE!

We understand the best part of learning a language is actually using it and communicating and meeting new people and that's exactly what we give you the chance to do. Meet, use, and SPEAK! to different people around the world in English. And the best bit, it's FREE. Take a look at the speaking clubs we have on offer here and simply register for the topic that interests you. 

You also might be thinking about taking the Duolingo English Test and wonder how you could get some practice in before you take it. Well, the topics used at the speaking clubs are also in line with the topics and questions that might come up in the DET, so it's the ideal preparation. 

Groups are small - maximum of 6 - but if you don't want to join a group, you can have one-to-one speaking lessons with an English native speaker that comes with error corrections and suggestions. 

Hope to speak to you soon!