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Looking for an English speaking club in Kinshasa and can't
find one? Come and Join our online English speaking club

A FREE online English speaking club with a British native speaker 

Why Online English Speaking Club?

It can be hard to find an English speaking club in Kinshasa with a real professional structure and English native speaking host. With Online English Speaking Club you can find that right here. Start speaking English today by joining an online speaking club

English Native Speaker

The host of the English speaking clubs is a CELTA qualified English teacher from England. He has over 10 years full-time teaching experience, so you can be sure that the online English speaking club will be professional, natural, and native!

English Speaking Clubs in Kinshasa

Hey! Are you an English speaking club in Kinshasa and meet in-person once or twice a week? Get in contact and I'll add you to the table below 

Name Day(s) / Time(s) Free Contact link/number/Telegram
John's Example English Speaking ClubMon / Wed - 7pm YES -Link 
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