English Speaking Course

The perfect way to boost your confidence and fluency when speaking English.
Groups available for Elementary/Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced.
8 x 60 minute sessions over 4-weeks hosted by a British native speaker!
Courses start at the beginning of each month.
Prices for the course: 2700UAH - 335PLN - 80EUR - 80USD - 80GBP - 370RON - 29000HUF 

Join a small group

Group size is limited to just 3

You will join a group of just 3 people and the British host, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to speak, ask questions, and build on your confidence and fluency when speaking English. Nobody will join your group once the course starts.

Twice a week

Regular practise

Your group will meet twice a week at a certain day and time that will stay the same for the 4 week course. This will get you in the habit of speaking English regularly and helping with boosting your English speaking skills.

Interesting topics

Active that passive knowledge

Each meeting will be a different topic. This will keep things fresh and interesting, and will allow you to bring to life that passive vocabulary, grammar knowledge, and those useful expressions you haven't used for a while when speaking. 

Native speaker

Natural native English

The host of each session is from England and is a British native speaker, so you can be sure all of the questions and all of the material used will be nice-natural-native English. In addition to the nativeness, it's a great way to improve your listening skills too and pick up on things what the native says.

Meet people

Someone new

It's highly likely you won't know the people in your group, but you will get to know them throughout your course. They might be from a different city or country than you, and offer a completely different view on life and things. Ask them why....

No camera

Don't worry about being on cam..

We know not everyone wants to sit in front of their computer and be on camera, especially if it's in the morning and you've just woken up... that's why we don't ask you to turn your camera on. The host will be on camera at the start of the course to welcome you, but after that, cameras off. Listening skills activated... 

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A few questions....

  • Where will the people be from on my course?
    It's impossible to say as we have people who sign up for the FREE speaking clubs from all over the world. From Kazakhstan to Brazil. 
  • If I don't like it, can I get a refund?
    You can claim a FULL refund 24 hours after the first speaking session if you are not happy.
  • I don't have pounds, how can I pay in my local currency?
    It is possible to make payment via bank transfer in GBP/USD/EUR/RON/PLN/UAH and to make payment using PayPal or Revolt for everything else. 
  • Will you correct my mistakes?
    Speaking clubs are designed for us to use and speak English, so that is our main focus. Building our fluency. If the mistake is common, or breaks down communication, it will be highlighted, but again speaking is our main goal. 

  • How do I sign up?
    You can register your interest in the up-coming online English speaking course here.
  • Can I get a FREE trial?
    There are no free trials, but there are FREE online English conversation clubs. The format will not change. What you experience at a FREE online English speaking club is pretty much the same.
  • How different is this course to the FREE speaking clubs?
    As I said above, the format is the same. The only real difference will be the number of people on the Zoom call. 
  • Do I need to be on camera?
    No. While it would be nice during the first session that we all say hello on camera, the sessions have all be designed so all our focus will be on the slides in front of us and our voices. Speaking and listening is our goal.