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English Conversation Clubs

A life without English, well, it’s hard to imagine nowadays. Just think how difficult your life could be when it comes to travel, finding information, meeting people or doing business and finding a job. In this modern world where we can study from our phones, it seems everyone is doing something to practise their English. However, ask most people learning English and they will tell you they want to improve their spoken English fluency and that's not always easy to do on your own. Even if you have English lessons, your traditional classes may not offer you enough speaking time, and that's when English conversation clubs come in.

An English conversation club takes away the stress of your traditional English lesson and brings a group of people similar to you who want to improve their speaking skills together. English conversation clubs offer you the chance to speak about different topics without any of the boring bits like gap-fill exercises, reading, or writing. They boost fluency and confidence and also give you the opportunity to interact with native English speakers which in turn can help develop your conversational skills.

Feeling confident speaking English comes with practice, practice, and some more practice. English conversation clubs provide you with the practice and opportunities to build that confidence when speaking English. As they are away from your traditional English lessons, you don’t need to worry about making a mistake, people judging you, or the pressures that you might be under in a normal class. The key is to attend a conversation club regularly, feel relaxed, and engage in the questions, discussions, and topics that come up and overtime you will feel your confident growing.

There is also a social side to English conversation clubs. An opportunity to meet people from different cities and countries, but also a chance to hear the views of people from different backgrounds. Not only will you enrich your English speaking skills, but you will boost your cultural knowledge and awareness of those with different lifestyles. This can also highlight just how useful English is when you meet, communicate, and maybe become friends with someone from another country whose native language is different from your own.

Some English conversation clubs are hosted by native English speakers which is an excellent opportunity to hear the language first-hand. A chance to hear it in its rawest form. This opportunity is not only good for your listening skills, but a real chance to pick up – notice – any words, expressions, and how the language can change in pronunciation when it’s said quickly. Even if your conversation club is not in a hosted format, it’s likely native speakers will attend as it’s a great opportunity for them to meet people if they are new in the city or just passing through.

I understand it can be difficult finding an English conversation club in your town, city or village and it can be an even harder to take that first start step to go to one, but it will be worthwhile I’m sure. The long-term effects of a regular conversation club could be a real benefit in your life. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join our FREE online English conversation club!

If you are not ready to join one of the online English conversation clubs or you simply want more English speaking time, you can always choose to have one-to-one speaking lessons with an English native speaker that come with error corrections and suggestions. 

Hope to speak to you soon!

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