English speaking clubs are good for you, very good!

Why should you attend an English speaking club? How can it help you? What will you gain from attending an online English conversation club?

A FREE online English speaking club with a British native speaker 

Looking for one-on-one English speaking practice?

Forget joining a group and have all the attention on you!



Be ready to speak English


There should always be fun!

Firstly and most importantly, English speaking clubs should be fun. If they aren't an enjoyable experience, then they are not being done correctly. You should look forward to them and they should be a place where you feel relaxed and not afraid to give or ask others for their opinion. Creating this atmosphere is really important and our host who is a British native speaker from England has over 10 years classroom experience and has become an expert in creating a friendly, open, relaxed atmosphere. 

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Each session hosted by a British native speaker!



Don't worry about making mistakes


In more ways that one!

Yes, Online English Speaking Club is free, but we don't mean that type of free. We mean free in language. Usually when you study English, you have a course book and you follow this and the exercises in it and that can restrict you. A speaking club is a time when you can put down the course book and be free with your English. A real opportunity to not only use the English you've learn from your book, but a chance to use everything you've ever learnt and talk about topics without limits.

Add an English speaking club to your company!!

Make sure your employees feel comfortable speaking English!



Get ready for a confidence boost!


Your confidence will grow!

We all want to be confident when we speak a foreign language and just like everything we become more confident when we do something on a regular basis, so even attending one online English speaking club a week will be enough to build your confidence when speaking English. Of course, the more conversation clubs you attend the more opportunities you will get to use your English which in turn will build your level of confidence and make you feel more and more comfortable when you speak English. 

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Hello, fluency!


Fluency comes from speaking..

Students often ask how they can improve their fluency, and the answer is simple. The more opportunities you have to speak, the more fluent you will become. By using English on a regular basis we won't need to think too much about what we are saying and from that comes fluency. There are different online English speaking clubs each week, so the more you sign-up for the more chances you will have to speak and over time the more fluent you will become.