Not for everyone! 

The topics your teacher will never ask you in your traditional classroom!

  • Topics you won't find in a course book
  • Critical thinking
  • Explaining why and giving examples
  • Learners of English from different cultures
  • No need to be on camera 
adult only english speaking clubs
Not for the easily offended!

Hey there, 

You've reached this page because you're interested in signing up for a FREE English speaking club that has questions or asks for your opinion on subjects that you might not talk about with your teacher, family or friends. These questions and topics could be considered taboo in your country or culture. 

Topics mentioned in these types of speaking club could be about sex, sexuality, crime, drugsdeathpolitics, etc.

If you are NOT COMFORTABLE talking about the above topics, this type of speaking club is NOT FOR YOU. 
If you don't mind talking about such taboo topics and are open to other people's opinions and ideas on interesting topics, then feel free to sign up

Remember FREE English speaking clubs are limited, so only sign up if you plan on attending. Also, remember all times listed are London time, so check the start time is OK for you. (London time)

If you have any questions, please get in contact

You can sign up for the speaking club here